The Warehouse Cafe: Sustainable and Satisfying Dining

Last Friday, I went to the warehouse café in Digbeth for the first time for a friend’s birthday who had been raving about this place for so long and wow it did not disappoint. With all the food being vegan or veggie I did have my reservations as I wasn’t sure if I’d like any of it, but I’m always up for trying something new and after reading such great reviews I was actually quite looking forward to trying something different. Plus, knowing that everything on my plate was completely natural and very ethical made for guilt-free dining.

I chose something off the Christmas menu: A Wellington Burger (a vegan burger inside a puff pastry ‘bun’ with mushrooms, greens, mash and gravy) which was absolutely delicious and is honestly one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in Birmingham. I was equally envious of what everyone else had eaten, eyeing up their food which including a beetroot curry and halloumi ‘fish’ and chips, each dish containing so much flavour and everything served with a smile from the wonderfully pleasant and friendly staff. After such a mouth-watering main I had to check out the desserts and the beetroot brownie was just too intriguing to ignore. Even though it sounds like a strange combination, I promise that your taste buds will love it.

I love local and I love the fact that the Warehouse Cafe uses local produce when it can and bases it menu on seasonal British fruit and veg which leads to such tasty food and has inspired me to cook more vegan and veggie dishes at home. The restaurant has such a chilled out, sophisticated atmosphere and is located in Digbeth, THE up and coming area in Birmingham and the fact that the Warehouse Cafe is here just fits perfectly with the restaurant’s vibe.

I highly recommend the Warehouse Cafe to anyone who is conscious about their food – scrap that – I recommend the Warehouse Cafe to ANYONE whether you’re a vegan or a savage meat eater as the food is just so good. The whole concept is very refreshing and makes for sustainable and satisfying dining. Make sure to book, as it does get busy (a good sign!) and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this absolute culinary delight.


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