The Plough: Banishing Monday Blues

If you’re from Birmingham or have lived there then you must have heard about The Plough in Harborne, and if you haven’t, where have you been? The Plough, without a doubt, is one of my favourite places in the city  and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. The cosy country pub setting, the lovely beer garden (frequently voted amongst the best in Brum), the relaxed and friendly atmosphere  and of course the food make it a win-win every time.

After living in Italy when it comes to pizza I have pretty high standards and understandably so. If I want good pizza in Brum then there really is no other place than the Plough on a Monday, as my friends on snapchat will know as I always add a snap to my story whenever I’m there (which is a lot). Plus, the Pizzas are 2 for 1 on Monday which also makes it great value for money too.

Mondays can be dead and with reason, it’s the start of the week, it’s England so it’s probably raining and most people would rather be at home – yet if you go to the Plough expect it to be packed. I normally go in the evening but yesterday I decided to head there for a spot of lunch with my cousin, which of course also included a few glasses of vino, and even at lunch it has the same vibe as the evening and is equally as busy so it’s deffo worth booking a table to avoid disappointment.

One question my Italian friends always ask me is ‘Dove posso mangiare la pizza buona a Birmingham?’ (Translation: Where can I eat good pizza in Birmingham?) and straightaway I book a table at the Plough as I know it won’t disappoint. Well if you can’t take my word for it being a good pizza then surely you have to trust the Italians who assure me its good.

And it’s not just the pizza that’s good here too, their burgers and Sunday Roast are just as delicious and worth checking out. The coffee is pretty good here too, again after living in Italy I have high standards but yet again this place doesn’t disappoint.

The Plough isn’t just good on Monday but any other day as they have various deals on food throughout the week, so if you want good food, good service and a good atmosphere then book a table here subito!

(Subito = straight away)


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