Midweek drinks at the Mailbox

Last night I went to meet up with one of my close friends from school and since she works in the Cube what better place for some early evening drinks than at the Mailbox. We headed to Aluna first, a cocktail bar with a stylish interior and a wide selection of cocktails. They have everything from your classic cocktails to ones with a bit of twist so there really is something for everyone. I went for a pomegranate cosmo – a twist on the classic cosmo which fizzes and bubbles like something you’d see in a chemistry lab, plus it came in a tall glass rather than the martini glass that cosmos normally come in. I don’t know about anyone else but when it comes to cocktails I like something in a tall glass, I feel like if I’m paying 8-10 pound for cocktail I want value for money. Aluna reminded me a lot of the Alchemist especially with the twists they do on cocktails and the whole chemistry, mystic, using dry ice theme etc. So, for a bit of cocktail chemistry and something a bit quirky your best bet is to head to one of these bars.

Safe to say those few drinks at Aluna went straight to out head as we hadn’t eaten. Cue time for food, so we headed to Fleet Street Kitchen. I’d heard mixed reviews about this place but I was willing to try it, unfortunately it was nothing special and the food was average, especially for the price. The staff were friendly and the interior was stylish and modern but I wouldn’t recommend this place for food but it did do a pretty good Pornstar Martini and there is also a plush downstairs cocktail bar so all was not lost.
It had been a long time since I’d seen my friend so it seemed only right that we had a slow walk back to get a taxi from the Mailbox which included a few stops for a refreshing cocktail or two. First, the Pitcher & Piano, a canal side bar which is always good for a few drinks. I’ve also been here for lunch and the food has always been decent and not too pricey. Although it may not be as exotic as some of the other bars in Brum, for chilled drinks in a nice setting you can’t really go wrong.

We then headed up to Gas Street Social in the Mailbox which has a similar chilled out and relaxed vibe but with an industrial inspired interior, fitting perfectly with the city’s rich industrial past. We sat inside as it was freezing, but outside they had these Igloos which you can sit in to keep you warm which looked so fun and quirky – maybe for another time. I went for the Socialite cocktail which was the best cocktail I’d had of the evening (along with the Pornstar Martini as I can’t resist a bit of passion fruit and prosecco). This is one of my favourite bars in the Mailbox, a fun and relaxing environment perfect if you’re out with friends. It really was a great way to finish the evening before getting a cab home.

For a few midweek drinks you can’t go wrong with the Mailbox or Brindley Place. You can’t beat sipping cocktails by the canal as the perfect way to unwind from a long day of work (or shopping).





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