Nosh & Quaff: Friday Night Indulgence

Yesterday evening I went out for some food and drinks with some friends for a catch up before Christmas. I love fish and seafood and have always wanted to try lobster but just never got round to trying it, so yesterday evening I decided that I would definitely be having lobster for dinner and what better place than Nosh & Quaff on Colemore row. This place is  known for its lobster dish and has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to try out since it opened. For the lobster main, it is a bit pricey at £30 but that does come with fries and a side salad so considering how much lobster can be in other places I suppose it is good value for money.

I’m not the most elegant of eaters at the best of times, so when the waiter came along with a lobster cracker, lobster fork and a bib I was slightly worried about how messy this meal would be (Thank god I decided to wear black rather than white). However, it was fairly easy to break apart and I managed to successfully eat my dinner without getting myself or my friends messy. I’ve never had lobster before so I don’t have much to compare it to but as far as I know it tasted good and my taste buds certainly enjoyed it. If you’re not massively into seafood, not to worry as my friends opted for a steak and a chicken burger which they assured me was tasty. If you’re a vegetarian then this place is a no-go but if you like steak, ribs, wings, and of course lobster then this is the place. The concept of Nosh & Quaff is comfort food yet good quality (not something that you’ve just ordered from a take away) and this really was some Friday night indulgence.

A few of the negative reviews about this place was that there wasn’t enough choice on the menu. Personally I believe that quality is better than quantity when it comes to food and a smaller menu appeals to me more than an extensive one. If you want a menu with loads of choice then head to a Wetherspoon’s. If you want good quality food and service then head here.

The interior of the bar has a rustic/industrial setting with wood panelling.  We were seated in the upstairs which has a more relaxed vibe but plenty of tables for diners, whilst the downstairs has a cosier restaurant feel. I can imagine this place being perfect for some after work grub and a few drinks.

It’s a Friday night and it would be rude not to have a cocktail to start off the weekend. Although this wouldn’t be my first choice for cocktails I had to try one anyway. I went for a peach tasting cocktail which came in a tall glass and tasted similar to a sex on the beach. A sex on the beach is another one of my go to cocktails so anything that tastes similar is always going to get the thumbs up from me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening here which was filled with great food and drinks that have left me wanting to come back for more.





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