Sunday Best at The Highfield

Sundays are usually for sleeping, lazing around, doing nothing, recovering from Saturday night’s exploits, frantically finishing an essay due in for the first Monday back at Uni and of course a Sunday Roast. I’m not the biggest fan of a roast dinner, personally I’d prefer to have a curry on a Sunday (I know, am I even British?) yet when my mom told me she’d booked The Highfield for her birthday meal I just couldn’t resist trying their Sunday Roast as I’ve heard such good things about it.

I decided to go for Vegetarian options (I’m not Veggie but I am trying to cut down on meat) and they did not disappoint as they were full of flavour and left me wanting more. For starters, I went for a warm crispy camembert which came with an equally delicious fig relish and was the perfect sized starter leaving me satisfied but not stuffed and ready for my mains, a butternut squash, spinach and barley wellington roast. The roasts come with roasted vegetables, roast potatoes, jugs of gravy (Vegetarian gravy with mine) and a gigantic Yorkshire pudding with the option of cauliflower cheese and stuffing as a side.  My brother and I went for the Vegetarian option and we both agreed that it was full of flavour and was the right size portion for us to enjoy all the tastiness of what was on our plate whilst still leaving room for some dessert. For those of you who prefer a meaty roast, like my parents, there is the option of pork, lamb and beef, my dad went for the pork and really enjoyed it whilst my mom went for the beef but it was a bit tough, maybe it would have been better if she’d asked for it medium rather than well done. For dessert, mother and I went for the crumble of the day which was apple with hot custard (yum!) and the way they serve the crumble is that the waiter comes to you with a tray of freshly baked crumble and dishes it out to you leaving you in control of how much you want (within reason), which was perfect for my mom as she asked for ‘as much as the crumble part as possible’.

The Highfield itself is a lovely ‘gastropub’ which has a rustic, country pub feel and is located in Edgbaston, one of the nicest areas in Birmingham. The staff were friendly and attentive with the service very efficient. There was also a large outdoor garden and I imagine during the summer it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a few glasses of wine and some good grub. The restaurant also has a private dining area upstairs too. It was very busy, always a good sign, so it would probably be best to book in advance to avoid being turned away or having to wait a long time for a table.

Overall, it was a lovely Sunday outing and a great early birthday celebration for my mom and to top it off we got a £15 off voucher to use within the month so the perfect excuse to head back. The road it’s on, Highfield road (hence the name), has some of the best eateries in the city including Michelin star restaurant Simpsons, Comida @ 21 and the Edgbaston Boutique, famous for its afternoon tea and cocktails. I haven’t actually been to any of these places yet but after going to the Highfield today I definitely will be exploring Edgbaston more, watch this space.


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