A Three Course Delight at The White Swan

Going out for Sunday lunch seems to becoming quite a regular occurrence in the Henry Household, the other week we went to the Highfield and this time we went to the White Swan in Edgbaston. The White Swan is a country style pub with a British and Mediterranean inspired menu and made a great place to spend a relaxing sunday with my parents, brother and my aunt who was over from Ireland.

The food

The menu was extensive for a Sunday menu, normally there are only a few choices alongside the roast choices, which was great for me as this time I didn’t quite feel like having a roast. For starters, I went for chicken liver parfait which came with crostini and we ordered a side order of bread (I’m yet to go to a restaurant that gives you the right amount of bread for the amount of pâté that they serve you). The parfait was delicious and I would definitely recommend it, my dad and brother went for the duck wings which I was also considering ordering and they too were yummy. For mains, I didn’t feel like a roast so I went for a chicken, bacon and avocado salad (still on a health kick) which was lovely. Sometimes salads can lack something special and taste quite bland but this one was great. There was plenty of chicken and bacon, plenty of veg and with a side order of sweet potato fries (which were coated in parmesan) I was satisfied and full. The rest of my family went for a roast which they all enjoyed. My dad couldn’t decide what meat to go for so went for a Trio of Roasts, perfect for those of you who are undecided when presented with so many delicious options.


Dessert gets its own paragraph because it was so tasty. The dessert menu was just as extensive as the food menu. There was so much to choose from I couldn’t choose one – luckily there was a sharer which came with baked New York cheesecake, a chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich, a Belgian chocolate fudge cake and a lemon tart. All delicious, but the stand out one had to be the New York Cheesecake which I think next time I’ll have as a whole portion as the small size was just not enough. And if like my brother, you’re not a huge dessert fan but quite like something sweet after your dinner then they do have the option of a mini dessert with a coffee.


As I’ve said before, service can make the difference between a good meal out and a great meal out. The staff were friendly, helpful and ensured that everything ran smoothly. All our meals got served at the same time (there is nothing more annoying when everyone has their food and you’re sat there starving waiting for yours), and the empty plates were swiftly taken away when we’d finished. Normally when restaurants are busy there can be the tendency for the service to be a bit of a let-down but not at the White Swan.

I’d definitely come back here and would recommend it. The wide selection of food means that there is something for everything and the with the modern yet cosy décor, the White Swan makes a lovely place to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon.





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