Henry Wong: The Best Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham?

Everyone always has their favourite Chinese, whether it be the local take away down the road, the all you can eat buffet in Chinatown or in my case it’s the stylish Henry Wong in Harborne. When it comes to good Chinese food (It’s Cantonese cuisine to be more precise) there really is no comparison (in my opinion anyway), the food is soooo good and not greasy, stodgy or salty which I often find with some Chinese restaurants. It’s not just the food that is good here but the service, the presentation, the drinks – everything really. So when my friends and I decided that we wanted to go out on Saturday night, Henry Wong was the unanimous decision of where we’d get some good grub and line our stomachs before consuming copious amounts of Gin, Vodka, Malibu and everything else in between.

 The Food

Now anyone who knows me, or my friends will know how much we go on about the food here, especially the Honey Pepper Chicken, it is literally the best thing ever!!. Whenever I’ve been to Henry Wong it’s normally been for a celebration so we tend to order one of the set menus which gives you a bit of everything (including the Honey Pepper Chicken), and you get given so much food that it really is worth it. This time we went for the set menu for a minimum of 3 people which included Spring Rolls, Yuk Sung, Honey Pepper Prawns (Just as good as the chicken), Fried Chicken with Satay Sauce, Fried Beef in King Dao Sauce, Sizzling Fish Fillet with Ginger & Spring Onion and Special Fried Rice for £23.50 per person. Now as you can see from that there is no Honey Pepper Chicken, but fear not, they are quite flexible with their menu and can accommodate slight changes, so we substituted the Fish Fillet for the Chicken. They even do set Vegetarian menu too! As always the food was mouth watering delicious and I can never find any faults with it at all.


When you go out to a nice restaurant you do expect a better service than normal and at Henry Wong it’s no different. The staff are always attentive to your needs, clean the plates away swiftly, serve the food onto your plates and generally just ensure that you’re just as satisfied with the service as you are with the food. Although you may pay more to eat here than your average Chinese restaurant, it really is worth every penny.

Overall, Henry Wong is a stylish, award-winning Cantonese restaurant serving elegantly presented food. If you haven’t been to Henry Wong I recommend that you book a table straight away (always book as it is very popular) or order from their Take Away menu to get a taste of their fabulous food. And if you don’t take my word for it being the best Chinese restaurant in the second city, then trust all the other diners who flock there every night, the awards it has won and the countless number of good reviews it receives on a daily basis.



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