Bourne & Co: Heading back to 1920s New York


Continuing on from my previous post, after our lunch, drinks, cinema and food what was next on the agenda for mother and I? Cocktails of course. As you probably already know I’m always on the lookout for new and quirky bars to try and like to know where I can get the best cocktails in Brum.

After reading about this place on different blogs, seeing it on Instagram and regularly seeing it in posts featuring the best cocktails bars in Birmingham, I’ve wanted to come here for a while. So since we were in the area I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

Bourne & Co is a New York style speakeasy cocktail bar, located on Suffolk Street Queensway (By the Alexandra theatre so great for pre and post theatre cocktails). The décor immediately transports you back to New York , and the low lighting and intimate setting give it great ambiance.  We were greeted by the friendly staff who were very accommodating and very knowledgeable about their cocktails. We were spoiled for choice as the menu has a wide selection of different cocktails priced between £8-10, and if you’re not into your cocktails they have a wide selection of whiskeys, rums, beers and other spirits and wines. In the end we both went for a Bramble: London dry gin, blackberries, fresh lemon juice and crème de mure, served over crushed ice.


We said we’d only pop in for one which the bar staff laughed at (they obviously know how good their cocktails are, plus who are we kidding, we’re Irish when do we ever just go for one drink?). The Bramble was lovely and refreshing and if you’re a gin lover like me then I’d recommend this.

For our next round of drinks we left in the hands of the bartenders and let them show us what they’ve got and create something to our liking. Mom had a vodka based one with the straw strategically placed to get all the flavours, and I had another gin based one (surprise surprise). They both were beautiful and it’s great to see bartenders who really know their stuff and I understand why it is frequently appears in blogs about the best bars in Birmingham to try out.


Another winner was the music. In the background there was a wicked mix of soul, jazz and blues really making us feel as if we were in a bar in New York – although we got the 61 bus home and not a yellow taxi. The music fitted in perfectly with the theme of the bar and they also have DJs on too on different nights.

So if you are ever in Birmingham City Centre and are searching for a great cocktail in a great bar then look no further than Bourne & Co. And if you’re not sure on what you fancy have a chat with the staff and I’m sure they’ll come up with something to suit your palate. I shall definitely be coming back soon as there are still so many cocktails I need to try here, two was just not enough.

Check them out on their social media pages or on their website:


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