The Everyman Cinema: An Alternative Cinema Experience


For Mother’s Day I decided to treat my beautiful mom to lunch in the Cube followed by going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Everyman Cinema (of course there was also a few cocktails along the way too). We didn’t actually go on Mother’s Day as I was (ahem . . . slightly) hungover and we thought that it would have been too busy on the Sunday so decided to go during the week.

Pre-cinema lunch and cocktails

We headed to Madeleine in the Cube for a spot of lunch. Madeleine is a contemporary French-style coffee house (very apt for seeing Beauty and the Beast) and has a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, crepes and cakes as well as an Afternoon Tea option which I’ve heard good things about. We just stayed plain and simple and went for a sandwich: mom chose a turkey one and I went for a pesto and mozzarella one on black bread. I’ve never had black bread before so was curious to try it, it had quite a dense texture but was tasty – it’s just the colour that’s different. Although nothing spectacular it hit the spot and started off what would be a whole day and evening of quality mother and daughter time.


Time was still on our side after finishing lunch so we headed down to Aluna for a cheeky glass of something before heading up to the Everyman. At 1pm I did think it was a bit early to go for a full blown fancy cocktail like they’re famous for (see post here for write up on Aluna), I still went for something with a bit of fizz: An elderflower and prosecco spritz.

The Everyman

If you haven’t been to this cinema or haven’t heard about it, it is a unique cinema experience where you can have food and drink before (and I mean nice food and drink prepared at their bar and in the kitchens, not like standard cinema food) and relax in the bar/lounge area before heading to your screen. If you’re rushed for time on food or want to enjoy it whilst you’re watching the film then you can put an order in and they’ll bring it to you. As expected, me and mom went for a cocktail beforehand (you can see where I get it from aha), both of us continuing on from Aluna by having an elderflower spritz, accompanied with some popcorn – did you even go to the cinema if you didn’t have popcorn?

The seats are sofas with plenty of leg room (always a plus for my long legs) and a little table to perch your drink and food. The seats are ever so comfy so be careful not to get too comfy and fall asleep before the film starts like I almost did (I’m going to say it was the boring adverts that sent me to sleep and not the few glasses of bubbly beforehand).


We absolutely loved the Everyman and everything about it and after going to see something here I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to a normal cinema. It is a little bit pricier than a standard cinema but it is 100% worth every penny. They only show a few films at a time, as well as showing both old and new releases, so it’s worth checking online and booking a ticket before you get there. And if you’re a real cinema buff you can also hire the screens out for private parties which I think is a fabulous idea.

If you love this concept of cinema and something a little bit different then there are other places in Birmingham to try out too like the Electric, the Mockingbird and the Mac, which are all on my list to check out. Even though I was with my mom, and 95% of the people there were women we both agreed that this would also be a great place for a date.

The Film

I’m not a film critic so I won’t go into detail on this but me and mom both loved the film. Beauty and The Beast is one of our favourites and a few years ago we went to see the theatre production of it, which I would definitely recommend going to see if it’s ever in a theatre near you. I’m not a massive Disney fan but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Beauty and The Beast and would happily go and see the film again, maybe at one of the other cinemas I’ve mentioned.

For more info on the Everyman cinema check out their website:



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