Cocktails ‘n’ Curls hits the capital

Last weekend one of my friends from Milan decided to spend her Easter Weekend visiting me in Birmingham (beata lei! – which is Italian for “lucky her”). Although I absolutely love Birmingham, a trip to the United Kingdom isn’t complete without a trip to the capital, so we decided to spend one night in London and soak up the sights.


I’ve been to London a fair few times but I still get excited when the train arrives at Euston. There’s definitely a vibe about London that just doesn’t compare to other cities.

After meeting my friend at Liverpool Street we thought it would be best to get some lunch as we were both starving and after a quick google search of the area I saw that there was an Alchemist nearby. I’ve been to the Alchemist in Manchester and Birmingham so it would be rude not to try the one in London and see what it has to offer. It is a lot more spacious than the Birmingham one, but in my opinion it lacks the intimate feel that the bar has on Colmore row. As expected, the cocktails were spectacular and the food was pretty decent: perfect for a quick pit stop before spending the rest of the day wondering around the city.

If you have the time and the weather is good, walking around London is the best way to take in all the sites and avoid the busy tube. However, a lot of walking around (I recorded 20,000 steps on my fitbit) builds up an appetite. We headed across Westminster Bridge down towards the Southbank Centre Food Market which was showcasing some pretty darn good street food. I love street food as it’s such a great way to try the flavours of the world and not spend too much money. Street food is perfect if you’re on the go  and in London there is full of so much great street food.

Camden is my favourite area to go for good street food!


After having some food, what was next – cocktails of course! I’m always on the lookout for quirky new bars to try and when you type in ‘good cocktail bars’ in London, prepare to sift through thousands of results. We were in the Soho area so managed to narrow the search down a little bit and came across Experimental Cocktail Club and as it was raining we thought it was best to head there straight away.

Hidden away in China Town, Experimental Cocktail Club can be difficult to find especially as it is hidden behind a very boring and dull door, but fear not there is nothing dull and boring about the bar that lies behind it. The bar is a speakeasy bar serving up a variety of cocktails, I went for a gin based one, vodka based one and then a rum one for luck. Now even though the cocktails were lovely, be prepared to pay a little bit more than usual and for there to be a service charge added to each drink (guess that’s what you get when you go out drinking in central London).


The bar is over two floors with a DJ playing a good mix of soul, funk, r n b and everything else in between. It’s the type of place where if you want to sit and chill you can or if you want to get up and have a bop you won’t be out of place. It is a very cosy place that once you’re inside you won’t want to leave.

Overall, I had a fab 24 hours in London and will be sure to return soon and check out more of the capital’s best cocktail bars and eateries. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them 🙂


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