Bringing Brazil to Birmingham: Viva Brazil

When anybody messages me asking to go for food I never say no, so when my Spanish friend asked me if I wanted to go to Viva Brazil for lunch on Sunday my answer was sí, sí, sí or sim, sim, sim in Portuguese.

If you haven’t heard of Viva Brazil it’s a churrascaria that gives you a real Brazilian dining experience. Once seated at the table you have a chart with all the different meats that will be brought to you (there are also fish and vegetable options) by the passadors (meat carvers). For a fixed price you get the chance to sample as many as 15 different meats with everything to flank steak to chicken heart, for as many times as you want.

There is also a large buffet of vegetables, salads, fruits, breads, chips, lasagna, and cold meats (just in case 15 different types of meat weren’t enough). You can also help yourself to this as many times as you like.

menu viva brazil

I loved the idea of the waiters stamping the chart when you try each meat so you know which each one is and whether you like it or not. My personal favourites were the pescoco de porco (pork with parmesan), unguica (Brazilian sausage) and picanha com alho (garlic cap of rump steak). Even though the meat was lovely, one thing that me and my friend both were obsessed with and kept asking for more of was the abacaxi which is caramelised cinnamon pineapple and it is absolutely delicious – I need to try and recreate this at home.

The set price that we had paid for Sunday lunch was £18.95 (prices vary throughout the week depending on time and day) and this also included a dessert. I went for a passion fruit and papaya cheesecake because I love absolutely anything with passion fruit in it while my friend opted for a chocolate hazelnut tart with blackberries.

cheesecake viva brazil

It’s not just the food that will make you wish you were sipping caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail) on Ipanema beach, but it’s also the background samba music and friendliness of the waiters that really add to the Brazilian dining experience.

bar viva brazil.jpg

After eating there I want to go to Brazil, learn Portuguese and have a true Brazilian dining experience. Unfortunately I think at this moment in time a flight to Brazil is a little unrealistic so the next best thing will have to be heading back to Viva Brazil.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here and I think for the price you pay and the amount of food that you get to try it is also great value for money. For all you meat lovers out there, or just anybody who wants a slightly different dining experience then head over to Viva Brazil.


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