Sun and Souvlaki: Kings Heath Street Food Festival

Street Food is the food trend of the moment and let’s face it what better way to spend your Friday or Saturday evening than down at Digbeth Dining Club. So when I found out that they were doing a road closure in Kings Heath on Sunday I just had to go. Plus the forecast was for good weather, so what better way to spend a Sunday with some delicious street food – it also made a nice break from revision.

Before meeting my friend, I decided to head for a coffee. There are so many cute little independent eateries and coffee shops in Kings Heath that you really are spoiled for choice when looking for somewhere other than Costa. This time, I stumbled into Black Lab on the high street. I had never been here before but safe to say I’ll be heading back, probably to have a cocktail or two. It just had such a nice vibe, friendly staff, quirky décor and a selection of funky Spanish music in the background. I love coming across places I haven’t been before, especially when it’s independent, quirky and does a pretty darn good espresso.

Black lab

Anyway, sipping coffees in cute cafes and watching the world go by wasn’t the reason I was in Kings Heath, it was to grab sum yummy street food. If you’re unfamiliar with the Street Food festivals in Kings Heath, basically it’s a Digbeth Dining Club take over – so expect all your favourite street food vendors from across the region, the resident DDC DJs and the general chilled vibe you get in Digbeth but spread out over a road. It’s not just food you can get hold of too, there was also a few arts and crafts stools selling all sorts of wonderful and quirky things.

street souvlaki

What I love about street food is that it is a great way to try different foods from all over the world and not pay too much. This time it was Street Souvlaki that was making my mouth water and tempting me. Souvlaki is a kind of a Greek style BBQ with skewers of marinated meat and vegetables cooked over a charcoal grill. There was chicken, pork and halloumi on offer and if you can’t decide on which one then the mega Greek platter is the one for you, including a bit of everything. I’d deffo recommend Street Souvlaki if you’re at Digbeth Dining Club or at any other street food event, their food was yummy with the right amount of flavour to hit the spot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Kings Heath street food festival and the fact that the sun was out in full force just made everything better. It has got me so excited for summer and all the great foodie events that will be taking place in Birmingham over the summer. Next one on my list is Dining Dining Club for bank holiday sun, who else is coming?


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