Chilled drinks at Black Lab

Following on from my previous post, after having some dinner at Byzantium my friend and I headed down  Kings Heath high street to Black Lab to just have one drink before heading home (we did have an exam the following day). I popped into Black Lab the other week for a coffee when I was at the Street Food Festival in Kings Heath and vowed to return in the evening because I just loved the chilled out vibe they had in there.

Armed with the mentality: If I don’t know it now I never will, I grabbed the extensive gin menu. Now, I do like gin but I am absolutely no expert whatsoever, I just pretend to know what I’m going on about when in reality I just choose a random one and hope for the best. What I liked best about their menu is that it explained what flavours were in each gin and what the best mixer to go along with them is.

As well as serving gin they also have a good selection of wine, cocktails, craft beers and of course coffee if you don’t feel like drinking (a decision I should have taken the night before an exam). What I love about this place is that it has the type of vibe that you wouldn’t feel out of place having a coffee, even if the people around you are drinking. Of course, in the daytime Black Lab is great to pop into if you want a tea or coffee.

When I came here in the daytime they had some funky Spanish music on so I was quite looking forward to what music they had on in the evening. When we got there at about 8pm they had live music on and what I liked about the guy who was singing was that he was loud enough so that you could hear and appreciate the music but not so loud that you can’t hear what the person next to you was saying. After the live music had finished, there was a lovely mix of some funk and soul music which is always welcomed by me, as many of my friends already know.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed coming to Black Lab for an evening drink and would encourage people to check it out whether it is for a coffee in the daytime or a drink in the evening. They also serve food here, and although I haven’t eaten here I dare say I will be back soon to try out some of their grub – watch this space.


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