Midweek Mix-up: Tacos at The Plough

Anyone that knows me will know that the Plough is one of my favourite places in Birmingham to go for some good food and a few chilled out drinks, and I’m always raving on about how great it is, especially on a Monday when they do 2 for 1 pizzas – which I’ve already written about here.

This week, however, my friends and I broke with routine and decided to go on a Wednesday for tacos. The Plough is known for its pizza, burgers, Sunday roast and brilliant breakfasts and now it can add tacos onto that list. Every Wednesday you can get 4 tacos for £12.50 and you can mix and match from the variety of intriguing combinations they have on offer. Just like the various pizza toppings, the taco selection are just as mouth-watering and will have your taste buds tingling.

There were just too many options so we decided to mix and match, that way we could sample a bit of everything. We went for the spiced pork belly with slow-cooked apple, pickled red cabbage and caramelised cashew nuts, the buffalo chicken with celery, blue cheese cream and guindillas chilli and the vegetarian option (which unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what was in it aha but trust me it was very good and I would recommend it). All had distinct flavours that worked so well together and were a real treat for the taste buds.

Tacos at the Plough

They also have a tequila sangria to accompany the tacos but as it was a school night we thought best to avoid the tequila, so naturally we drank 4 bottles of wine instead. When will we ever learn?

We also thought that we’d order a pizza as well just in case we weren’t too keen on the tacos (why we’d ever doubt the quality of the food in the Plough is beyond me), and as usual the pizza was top-notch.

pizza and tacos the plough

So if you’re looking for a mid-week mix up and want some good quality food in a chilled-out friendly atmosphere then look no further than the Plough. In fact I’d recommend you going to the Plough on different days when they have different offers on to really get a true flavour of all the fantastic food they serve there.


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