Graduated, now what?

You’ve probably seen all over my social media accounts that after 4 years I have finally graduated from the University of Birmingham with a First in Modern Languages with a distinction in spoken Italian and Spanish – suppose me being a right chatterbox has finally came in handy. Finishing uni feels you with all kinds of emotions: happy to have finally finished but sad to leave that chapter of your life behind, excited at the prospect of doing something new but scared that things won’t work out. I certainly have felt all these emotions and much more pretty much all throughout the year and there were several times when I just wanted to throw in the towel because I hated uni so much. But after having my graduation this week I am glad I stuck with it and it’s such a nice feeling to know that all the hard work, stress and tears were all worth it.

me dissertation

I didn’t really know what I wanted  to do after uni (and I still don’t) but I knew that I didn’t want to do a masters and that if possible I would like to go back abroad whether it was for work or travel. However after attending so many careers fairs all year and constantly being asked that dreaded ‘so what you doing after?’ question, I started to panic and thought that I need to get my act together, apply to grad schemes and get a ‘real’ job straight after uni. When your thoughts start to run away with you like that the best thing to do is take a deep breath – there is no need to rush into getting a full time professional job straight away and for me I decided to avoid applying for grad schemes and full time graduate level jobs in the UK and focused instead on getting some decent experience that will help me with future job applications.


I’m still not so sure on what I want to do as a profession but looking at what I enjoy and what I believe I can be good at, marketing/PR in the food and drink and lifestyle industry is kind of the route that I would like to to down. After starting this blog and then subsequently gaining valuable work experience at Dine Birmingham as a content writer I started to think that actually this is perhaps the type of work I could do as a full time career. Through working at Dine and developing my skills as a writer I applied for another internship in the Jewellery Quarter for a travel magazine which I was lucky enough to be offered. Over the four weeks I was there, I improved my writing skills and learned so much in such a short space of time.  I both love and hate internships because on the one hand they’re great for you to get good quality work experience and it can often lead to a full time job but a lot of the times they are either poorly paid or unpaid and you might not necessarily get out of the experience what you expected. In my experience, despite them being unpaid they have been completely worth it and provided me with some vital skills and being taken on full time at the Jewellery Quarter until I move to Singapore . . .


If you have me on Social Media you’ve probably seen me post about moving to Singapore although I haven’t really explained what I am actually doing over there. Over the past few months of uni I started actively applying to various internships, mostly marketing based, and after seeing an advertisement for a marketing internship for a lifestyle company in Singapore I thought why not apply, after all I had nothing to lose. After several interviews, completion of creative exercises and thinking that a job like this will never go to someone like me, I was offered the position to start a 6 month internship in September. And after careful consideration, I accepted the job, I thought I have nothing to lose and it will be such an amazing opportunity to live in a completely different part of the world and to gain work experience in an industry I would like to make a career in. I’m both nervous and excited at the prospect of moving so far away but any time I start to feel a bit jittery, I just remember what my friend said to me, ‘but Jose think of all the new bars you can try out and Singapore Slings you’ll be drinking’ and with those thoughts in my head I am incredibly excited for the next chapter in my life.

Me graduated


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