Pasta di Piazza: Continuing with Graduation Celebrations

girls pasta di piazza

As I mentioned in a previous post this week was my graduation and while on the day of my graduation I went to Henry Wong with my family for a meal (check out my previous review of this here) on Saturday I decided to go out with my close friends for a meal to celebrate, not that we ever need an excuse to go out for food. Anyway considering my degree was in Italian, I felt it was only appropriate that we go for some good quality Italian food. With so many good Italian restaurants to choose from, I settled on going to Pasta di Piazza in the Jewellery Quarter. I have eaten here before and thoroughly enjoyed it, plus it’s in the Jewellery Quarter, one of my favourite areas of Birmingham, if you hadn’t already guessed.

inside pasta di piazza

The restaurant has a beautifully authentic rustic ambience with red brick walls and flowers adorning the outside and a menu that is full of mouth-watering Italian dishes, it’s pretty clear why this place is always busy and one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Birmingham. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the menu and after changing my mind on average every 10 seconds, I settled on the mushroom risotto and was not disappointed. Creamy and rich, it was cooked to perfection and bursting with delicious flavours. The portion size was also pretty impressive – so impressive that I didn’t even have room for dessert! My friends were also happy with their choices which included a sea food risotto, margherita pizza and pollo caciatore, a chicken breast flavoured with garlic, onion, chilli flakes and mixed peppers that is simmered in a tomato sauce. We also washed down a few bottles of Pinot Grigio, although lovely at the time I did regret it the morning after.

mushroom risotto pasta di piazza

I couldn’t fault Pasta di Piazza, both times I have been there the food has been top-notch so when you’re looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Birmingham that uses fresh ingredients and serves up an array of tantalising Italian classics then make sure you book a table at Pasta di Piazza.


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