Delicious Spanish Food and an Irish Graduation: Saying farewell to family and friends

The last two weeks have been pretty busy and pretty emotional too if I’m honest, I said goodbye to one of my good friends here in the UK who is moving back to Spain, and then I headed over to Ireland for a couple of days to spend some time with my grandparents and aunt and uncle, and it’ll probably be the last time I see them for a long while. . .

First goodbye: Ana

Over the few years I’ve known Ana we’ve become really good friends and what do good friends do for each other? They have delicious dinner parties and make sensational cocktails. I love it when Ana invites me over to hers for food because I’m always guaranteed good Spanish food and even better company. Our last farewell meal included: tortilla española, gambas pil-pil, goats cheese with caramelised onions and melon and jamón – and as much as I love going out for tapas nothing quite compares to having it home cooked.

ana food


Of course when having such yummy food you need something to wash it down with: cue colour changing mojitos. Yes you read that right, colour changing mojitos. After seeing the video on the Tasty Facebook page (if you don’t follow this page you need to right now!!) we decided to recreate this intriguing drink. It uses red cabbage which has something in it that will make other liquids change colour (best to ask my brother about the science as he’s doing chemistry A-level). We successfully managed to make them and got very excited about the colour change, so excited that we forgot to put the rum in it, but fear not we made sure we added extra to make up for our slight lapse in concentration. Overall, a great night with fantastic food and funky cocktails. It’s always sad saying goodbye to a friend but as with all my friends all over the world I know that it is never a true goodbye as we’ll see each other again soon and I’ll definitely be heading over to Malaga to try out the food there so watch this space . . .

colour changing mojitos

Second farewell: Sligo

Before heading to Singapore I had to make a stop in my second home, Sligo, beautiful Sligo on that wonderful emerald isle. If you don’t already know about the importance of Sligo to me and how much I love this small county over on the west coast of Ireland you can check out my previous blog on it here). As I was only here for a few days, I really had to make the most of my time here. Anyone who knows my family or has visited my grandparents and aunt over in Ireland will know how much food and drink play a part in our life – from the moment you step off the plane prepare for a few days of non-stop eating/drinking until you can’t move no more and then even when you say ‘no more’ you’ll find yourself with a big plate of bacon and cabbage, another dish of potatoes and a shot of poitín for good measure. A trip ‘back home’ isn’t complete without a stop off in ‘Finns Inn’ (those who know know). For anyone who isn’t familiar with this hidden gem, it is my auntie Eileen’s ‘bar’, which is a shed but you can guarantee that a night here is better than most bars. Stocked with every drink you can imagine, a disco ball, jukebox, games and plenty of nibbles to keep you going through the night there really is no place quite like it. There’s always a cocktail of the day – usually a mix of gin, prosecco, vodka, poitín and a bit a fruit juice for those who don’t want to drink too much 😉

Finns Inn

After plenty of food and drink and plenty of laughs it’s with a heavy heart that I said goodbye. It’s always tough saying good bye to family especially when you don’t know the next time you’ll see them again but I leave with lots of happy memories – including having a second graduation that included a mortar board made out of a toaster box and a scroll made out of kitchen roll. So until next time Ireland  . . .


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