Lunchin’ at Peel & Stone

I love a good lunch, and I’ll take any excuse to go for one. So when me and a friend decided to go for a good old catch up (I hadn’t seen her for almost 3 years!) and for some food I just couldn’t say no. First we decided we’d meet up for lunch, second, we decided that Harborne would be a good shout as there are an array of cute cafes and pubs to grab a bite to eat, next decision was where do we go? Now since I’m the “food blogger” it was up to me to choose where we went – a responsibility I don’t take lightly, I always want to pick places that do good food, have a quirky or unusual charm and that is independent – you won’t catch me in Nando’s!

I had already had a take-out sandwich at Peel & Stone before and thoroughly enjoyed it and since it has been voted as one of the best bakeries in the country I thought it would make a great spot for lunch, plus it would give me a chance to check out what is like downstairs.

As soon as you head into Peel & Stone, you’re eyes are first drawn to all the mouth-watering cakes, pastries and fresh breads, heaven for me. Even though I try and eat healthy most of the time, I can’t resist a good homemade cake, and after being distracted by the cakes I managed to draw my eyes to the menu. What I love about this place is that the menu is always changing, with dishes that include fresh ingredients and of course their homemade bread.

With a fair sized selection of toasties and sandwiches as well as a hot food option and salads, there is enough variety without their being too many choices – one thing that bugs me about some eateries is when there are too many choices on a menu ad you start to panic because you don’t know what to get and you end up changing your mind every 2 seconds (tbf I’d still do that if there was a menu of 3 things). Anyhow, I went for a mozzarella and pesto toastie on brown bread which was delicious while my friend went for the couscous which looked beautiful and a lot better than the one I’d bought from boots the day before.

toastie peel and stone

The downstairs seating here is lovely, cosy yet spacious it is an underground haven and a perfect spot to grab some lunch in a cute setting. All the tables have a fresh jug of water on them and it is little touches like that that make Peel & Stone one of my favourite places for lunch in Harborne. With a menu that is always changing this place never gets boring and since there is one in the Jewellery Quarter I guess I’ll be heading straight back on one of my lunches, I mean it would  be rude not to.


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