Perfect Pizzas at Otto

Now without a doubt when it comes to getting a good pizza in Birmingham I will always tell anyone to go to the Plough, because let’s be honest it’s just one of the best places in Brum to get a decent pizza. However I thought that I should switch things up a bit and go somewhere else for pizza and see if it can live up to the Plough. Now seeing as I’m trying to go to as many restaurants/pubs/cafés in the Jewellery quarter before I head off to Singapore, I thought it was only appropriate that I check Otto out, a recently opened pizzeria tucked away on Caroline Street.

But first things first, after a long day of work it’s only right that I went somewhere for a cocktail before having some food, plus. Luckily right next to my offices is the Rose Villa Tavern – if you haven’t been here before it’s a wonderful old style pub with traditional green tiles and they serve 2 cocktails for 8 during their Happy Hour I mean how could I resist? If I’m completely honest I was a bit boring with my choice of cocktail and just went for a raspberry & basil effervesce, which is similar to a raspberry Bellini, nonetheless I still enjoyed it.

cocktails rose villa tavern

So now onto pizza – I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what but after one drink I already start to go a bit light headed, especially if I haven’t eaten so I was definitely craving some good pizza. Otto is a little hidden gem in the Jewellery Quarter and one of the lesser known Italian restaurants in Brum but believe me after eating there I think it should rank as one of the best – for pizza anyway. They keep things simple here, with a minimalistic but cute décor, friendly staff, a very nice house white wine and a lovely selection of pizzas that are freshly cooked in a wood oven. Again I was boring with my choice and went for a standard margherita –you can’t really go wrong with a marghertia can you?

otto pizza

The pizzas were delicious and almost as good as what you will get in Italy (nowhere is going to compare to the real deal are they?) and at very reasonable prices. My only complaint would be that it was too small but that could just be me being greedy.

Small yet mighty, Otto is a hidden gem that really stands out. It hasn’t been open long and I imagine that it is still establishing itself, so if you are ever in the JQ and fancy a pizza, don’t go to Greggs go here instead – you’ll thank me for it later.


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